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3 Pool Cleaning Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

Americans enjoy swimming, as seen by the 224 gold Olympic medals we have earned in the sport. People who live in hot places like Atwater or Merced, CA, will find this to be particularly true. A pool is a fun and healthy addition to a house that the entire family will love to use.

But, just like any other beloved item, pools also need to be taken care of. You must be aware of what good pool maintenance should look like if you have a pool or intend to purchase one. This way, your pool will always be spotless and ready for family members to jump in whenever they want to.

This upkeep doesn't need to be challenging. Avoid making the following mistakes, and you're good to go:

Leaving Your Pool Unpurified After Frequent Usage

The sensitive chemical balance of the pool won't likely be upset by a few people. But that's not the same when the pool is full of guests attending a summer party. This is where you need to exercise caution. You must clean up after events. If you don't, there will likely be a significant accumulation of contaminants like bacteria and germs in your pool.

A common problem that often arises due to a lack of cleanup after a party is the formation of algae. Pool companies advise you to test the pool's chemistry once your guests have left. If you're tired, you should do it the following morning. If the test comes back fine, you should at the very least scrub your pool or add a strong algaecide in the water.

Not Cleaning After Pets

Your dogs and guinea pigs might be having a fun time in the swimming pool, and that's well and good. But you should be aware that even one pet might have a harmful effect. Yes, your dog does look adorable in its floaties, but their fur buildup can plug the drains and alter pH levels. One way to decrease the pH change is by using water clarifiers. After your pets have had their fun, let their loose fur accumulate. This will make it easier for you to clean your pool the next day.

Not Regularly Analyzing The Pool Water

Regarding chemical changes, there are appropriate and inappropriate times to make them. Most shocks don't work as well in the day's scorching heat. In terms of chlorine, it'll be converted into gas when exposed to light.

Aside from chlorine shocks in your swimming pool, heat is another important consideration. The saturation point of the water rises due to the added warmth. To make up for it, you'll require extra chlorine. Also, keep in mind that going cheap is not the right answer. Instead of employing a single, powerful, pricey shock, you'll wind up using several cheap ones. Don't skimp on supplies for pool care.

If you need help with swimming pool maintenance and cleaning, Best Pro Pool Inc. is at your service. We're a residential and commercial pool cleaning company with over thirty years of experience. Along with providing swimming pool equipment gear and pool repair service in Atwater, we can also help you build your swimming pool if you're in the early stages.

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