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4 Precautions Every First-Time Pool Owner Should Know

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard means taking on a luxurious responsibility. Apart from letting the kids swim unsupervised, you must take several measures to ensure a clean, safe, and fully-functional residential pool.

Keep reading this week’s Best Pro Pool blog to ensure you’ve taken all the precautions you can as a first-time swimming pool owner.

1. Follow All the Safety Measures

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) launched the Pool Safely campaign to keep people safe and reduce the alarming drowning-related deaths among children.

Follow all the safety tips mentioned on this page, such as:

- Never let your child near the water unattended.

- Take them to swimming lessons.

- Teach them to stay away from the drains.

- Install appropriate barriers around the pool.

- Avoid installing pet gates as a child can go through them easily.

- Learn CPR

2. Figure Out the Heating

Figuring out the heating will come in handy come winter, so it’s as much a precaution as a luxury. The heated water can also be pleasant on summer evenings, so ensure you’ve got it figured out no matter how warm or cold the weather is.

Warm your waters by getting new swimming pool equipment, but get it right. Since selecting the wrong heating system for your pool could cost more energy bills, account for the escaping heat and yardage when choosing the equipment.

3. Get a Pool Alarm

A pool alarm is similar to a touch detector on cars. When activated, it goes off when someone makes waves in the pool while you aren’t there. Even if the person going in the pool isn’t a trespasser, you could face a lawsuit if a pool-related injury or death happens on your property.

Avoid this nightmare scenario by keeping your alarm on when the pool isn’t in your line of sight. Activate the alarm even when it is in your vantage point because pool-related incidents can happen at a moment’s notice.

4. Carry Out Timely Repairs

Swimming pool maintenance can be preventive, or it could be a prompt response to a health or safety issue. The longer you put off a repair, the longer an invoice you can expect when you finally come around to repairing your swimming pool.

Avoid spending more money than you have to by addressing the issue as soon as it rears its head. Secondly, request maintenance work periodically, even if you’ve just had something repaired. You and your finances would be in way better straits that way.

Maintaining a swimming pool goes hand in hand with installing a swimming pool. Take all the safety measures you can by installing alarms, barriers, and whatnot with our swimming pool contractors. Hire them for pool cleaning, repairs, or maintenance in Atwater, California, periodically or upon noticing the first signs of trouble.

Get in touch with us to book outdoor pool maintenance and repair.


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