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Add a Zen garden to your pool area

Add a Zen garden to your pool area, Best Pro Pool Service contractors tell how

Spending time in and around your swimming pool and in your hot tub is very relaxing and soothing to the psyche. If you’re hosting a swimming pool party, though, chances are you won’t be looking for a place to kick back and relax. Once the party’s over though, if you add a Zen garden to your pool area you will find it the most relaxing and soothing room in the house. Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Best Pro Pool Service about adding a Japanese Zen Garden to the area.

What is a Zen garden?

It’s a combination of the love of outdoor living with a love of a unique landscape. When you have a swimming pool, that will be the focal point of the yard but when you landscape and add a Zen garden you will add to the aesthetic appeal. Best of all? Zen gardens are virtually zero maintenance. If you’re looking to landscape your outdoor living space ask us about options for a Zen garden or other landscaping ideas. If your pool contractor doesn’t provide that type of landscaping, he can recommend a landscape artist.

Add a Zen garden to your pool area

Zen gardens are  centuries old and bring spirituality to your life. They take upkeep and are easy to set up and maintain. Zen gardens have been shown scientifically, anecdotally and medically to offer relaxation and stress relief benefits.  Adding herbs and plants along the pathway to the garden will enhance the beauty and calm of the area and aid in the relaxation you have poolside. Consider adding a walkway or small bridge and a fountain to the area.

A Zen garden is basically a Japanese rock garden. White is the color associated with peace and tranquility so carve out a  piece of land you can fill with white sand, rocks and plants. Marbles and stones collected from the sea have mineral properties that lead to tranquility and relaxation.

If your budget for the landscaping project permits, add a statue of Buddha near the pool so there is peace and tranquility.

What should you plant in your Zen garden?

A small pine tree is considered a must-have. Bonsai (miniature) trees, peach, apple and lemon trees emanate fragrances that help you relax and de-stress. Cherry blossom flowers, apricot, white egret orchid, Japanese wood poppy in yellow, Himalayan blue poppy and the fragile pink maiden lily are flowers that can adorn your pool area. Bonsai plants need to be trimmed from time to time.


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