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Can pool care take a vacation?

Have you ever wondered? Can pool care take a vacation? If you’re gone and no one is using the swimming pool, you don’t really have to worry about having it cleaned, right? Well, maybe not. Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean that the pool water won’t need care, the pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service explain.

When you’re on vacation, pool care will be easier and quicker — especially if you’re diligent with using a pool cover while you’re away. Take note, though that a pool cover under the hot sun without pool water circulating can lead to algae growth — you don’t want to come home to a green pool!

You can let your pool service slack a bit — but you can’t go away for a week and not have the pump run and think you will come home to a clean, clear pool — you might, but it’s not altogether likely.

The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pool Service offer pool care tips for when you’re vacationing.

Can pool care take a vacation?

Automation can certainly help with pool care while you’re vacationing. Here are other steps to take.

  1.  Use a timer or a remote controlled pump and filter (many of these tech items have smart phone apps you can schedule from anywhere and it will turn on and turn off on its own.

  2. Have a friend or family member check in on the pool while you’re away. See if they can run the pump, test the water, add chemicals if necessary. This is best if your friend knows how to care for a pool! If you’re having a house sitter, he or she can care for the pool.

  3. Test and perhaps even shock the pool water before you leave, Running the pump is a necessary item to do daily to keep the water circulating and the bacteria out — find a way either through technology or a friend to assure the pump is running — you just can’t get away from that.

A pool cover is a double edged sword when you’re away. The heat from the day and the closed up pool can lead to quicker algae growth. An uncovered pool is an accident waiting to happen and you could come home to a pool full of dirt and debris and a skimmer basket that is overflowing.

There’s no reason to not have your trusted pool contractor keep up with his regular cleaning schedule while you’re away. That way you will come home to pool that is welcoming and swimmable!


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