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Can swimming make you smarter?

We know that swimming can make you healthier and being in a swimming pool certainly makes you happier, but have you ever wondered? Can swimming make you smarter? There was a study performed, over a three year period, that found that children who learned to swim at an early age were more coordinated and scored better on aptitude tests than those children who didn’t know how to swim.

Swim lessons might help your child reach physical milestones and mental milestones quicker than those children who don’t spend time in a swimming pool. The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service will assure your pool is clean and bacteria-free so you and your children can swim whenever the mood strikes!

Can swimming make you smarter?

The study was conducted in Austrailia and followed more than 5,000 children under the age of five. The information found that developmental indicators like walking, talking and counting were achieved sooner by those children who swam as compared to those children who didn’t.

Swimming, it was found increases intelligence and swimming at an early age truly showed that those young swimmers were able to walk and talk at an earlier age. The children who were swimmers acheived milestones months ahead of those who didn’t swim and that included reading, writing and counting.

Some of the results of the study showed:

  1. Children who swam at four-years-old were about seven months ahead of those who didn’t swim.

  2. Children over the age of four who had been swimmers were ten months ahead in language from children who didn’t swim.

  3. One group, who were three-years-old were more than one year ahead of non-swimming children in the ability to listen to and follow directions.

Will swimming automatically make your children smarter? Maybe. But the bottom line is, we think, to spend time with your family in the swimming pool because it’s fun, educational and you’re building memories in a way you can’t if you’re all in the house watching television. If you have a pool, make sure your children know how to swim and who knows, maybe they will be the smartest kid in the class!

Interesting fact: Did you know that more than sixty percent of Americans cannot swim? If your children can’t swim, sign them up for lessons today.


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