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Common pool care mistakes

Swimming pool mistakes happen. This is especially true if you’re a new pool owner or a pool owner who simply doesn’t know how to properly care for a pool. You can talk with your pool contractor from Best Pro Pool Service and ask us for tips and advice on caring for your pool. Many people find that it costs them less money to pay a pool service contractor than it does to care for their pool on their own. The reason is that if you aren’t certain what you’re doing with pool maintenance you may end up using more pool chemicals than necessary as you struggle to get the balances just so.

Common pool care mistakes

You can certainly learn from your pool care mistakes, but why should you have to struggle if you have a pool pro on your side to help you avoid them. Here are the most common ones we’ve witnessed.

  1.  Neglecting to brush the pool. It may seem tedious, but brushing the pool walls and floor is crucial to assure that no bacteria or algae spores are clinging to the sides and floor.

  2. Super-chlorinating the pool during the heat of the daylight heat. While you should shock your pool you should do it after the sun goes down so it doesn’t evaporate before it does its job.

  3. Attempting to use an automatic pool vacuum to get rid of algae in the pool. When you have an algae outbreak, vacuuming is difficult and requires more attention than an automatic vacuum can give it.

  4. Ignoring pool cleaning, chemical balancing and adding chemicals and letting it be overcome by algae.

  5. Not running the pool filter often enough or for enough hours in the day. We tell our pool customers that you should run the pool filter system at least eight hours per day — this is an average because some pool filters need to be run more often.

  6. Not testing the pool water chemistry frequently enough. The pool water should be tested at least weekly — more frequently if there is a rainfall or you have a party and have a higher swimmer load than usual. You can purchase a test kit from us and we can tell you how to read the results and what is necessary to be added to keep the balances in check.

If you are a do it yourselfer and want to take on your own swimming pool maintenance, we applaud you! If you want us to help with your pool care, give us a call!


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