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Do you need to hire a pool service contractor?

Do you need to hire a pool service contractor? Not necessarily. Swimming pool service and maintenance is certainly a task a DIYer can do him or herself. Many pool owners find, though, it is less expensive to hire a pool contractor than to do the work themselves.

The reason it is sometimes less expensive is that a DIY pool owner may use too many of one chemical, then have to add more of another pool chemical before finally getting the balances in line. A swimming pool service contractor from Best Pro Pool Service in Merced, California has experience in many of the nuances that can throw pool chemicals out of balance and can address that and keep the pool water bacteria-free and crystal clear.

Do you need to hire a pool service contractor?

When you own a swimming pool, chances are you’d prefer to swim in it, rather than have to spend your valuable free time cleaning and maintaining it, right? Even if you hire a swimmng pool service contractor, you will still need to do some work with the pool because that’s just how owning a pool works! You will want to skim off leaves and debris, if you’re not diligent in using a pool cover. You may want to test the pool water chemistry, especially if there’s been more people in the pool or if there has been a rainstorm or windstorm that could have thrown the water chemistry out of line.

A simple skim of the pools’ surface can help keep the pool water cleaner. Skimming the dirt and debris from the surface of the water will certainly prevent it from falling to the bottom of the pool; that could lead to staining of the pool because of the organic material.

When you hire a swimming pool service contractor he or she will pay a visit on an agreed to schedule. Depending on what’s included in the contract, he will clean debris and small particles floating in the water, will balance the chemicals, brush and vacuum the pool and check and service the pumps and filter and check the pressure gauges.

Here are some questions to ask a prospective pool service contractor:

  1. How long have you been in business

  2. Can I contact some of your current and former clients

  3. What special training do you have

  4. How do you keep up with changing trends in pool technology

  5. Is the cost of a season-long contract more advantageous than a per visit contract?

Ask us to pay a service visit, clean your pool for you and then let you know what a service contract would cost you for the season. When you’re one of our clients, you also have access to us in case of a pool emergency and for any after-storm clean ups.

If you’re interested in knowing what you can do between service visits to keep your pool in top shape and to potentially save you money on pool service and upkeep, ask us when we pay our next service visit.

Still looking for a pool service contractor? Give us a call today.


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