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Everything you wanted to know about pool plumbing

When is the last time you’ve given any thought to what goes on behind the walls of your swimming pool? Chances are, not recently! Everything you wanted to know about pool plumbing is what the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California explain that the pool has an intricate set of pipes that keep the pool full, help circulate the water and could be troublesome if they begin to leak!

If you’re interested in learning a little about the pool plumbing here are a few things to know.

A pool that may be leaking at one of the joints or connections on the pool plumbing may simply have come loose. What you will want to do before you panic is to hand tighten the area that is leaking. If you hand tighten the plumbing you’re less likely to over tighten or to snap off a pipe fitting because you’re using a tool.

Everything you wanted to know about pool plumbing

Swimming pool, and virtually any plumbing, is designed in a way that hand tightening is all you need to do to make the plumbing fit snugly. Don’t use all of your strength and don’t worry if you don’t have a tool to tighten the pipes. If you do find a leak and you do tighten a piece of plumbing, let us know when we pay another service visit so we can check on it for you.

It’s rare, but if you start to see standing water around your swimming pool — and it’s not from a recent storm or from splashout, it’s time to call a pool contractor. Standing water could be because there is a leaking pipe behind the pool walls. If that’s the case, it will require the skills of a pool service contractor to check behind the pool walls to locate the source of the dripping water.

A do-it-yourselfer can always give it a go when it comes to addressing plumbing issues if you see any leaks in or around the plumbing that you can easily reach. If the project is too large, it’s best to call a plumbing or pool professional.


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