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Gifts for swimming pool owners

Whether you’re buying gifts for Christmas, birthdays or any other time of the year that requires you to get into gift-giving mode, we have some ideas for gifts for swimming pool owners.

If you’re like most people and if you have a swimming pool, it is the focus of your time and your life. Of course, you want gifts to enhance that experience and we have ideas. These are especially helpful for the person who has everything or if you simply don’t want to give yet another gift card.

The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service have put together a list of thoughtful items whether you’re buying holiday gifts or birthday, a housewarming gift or even for a colleague or co-worker. No one wants to give a gift and ask “what size do you wear?” right?!

These gift ideas are also ideal for the first time pool owner in your life.

Gifts for swimming pool owners

  1. Waterproof case for your tablet

  2. Waterproof case for the smartphone

  3. A waterproof phone to keep poolside for emergencies

  4. A waterproof camera that can be used to take underwater photos.

  5. A waterproof note pad and pen — you never know when inspiration will strike

  6. A floating, waterproof speaker

  7. Floating drink holders

  8. A raft or pool toys

  9. A television that is weather resistant or a housing to hold one that can be left in the outdoor living space

  10. A waterproof wallet or waterproof wallet holder

  11. A gift certificate for swimming pool service

  12. Waterproof makeup for the woman in your life

  13. Waterproof playing cards or other games you can play poolside

  14. Big, comfy towels

  15. A heated towel rack for those cooler nights of swimming

  16. In pool games like volleyball or basketball

Spend some time on the local swimming pool contractor of pool service contractor’s shop and you will come up with a lot of ideas that are sure to please the pool owner in your life.


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