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Have you checked the pool pressure gauge?

There are so many things you need to do and check and keep track of when you own a swimming pool. Have you checked the pool pressure gauge? Yes, the pressure gauge on the pool pump is something you will want to look at between pool service visits.

Your swimming pool service contractor from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California can write on the gauge what the correct reading should be. If you notice a change in the pressure — higher or lower — you will want to make note of the change and give your pool contractor a call.

Have you checked the pool pressure gauge?

The numbers on the swimming pool filter pressure gauge are very important to keep track of. Readings that are outside of the proper range can lead to issues with the pool and could potentially damage the pool pump. Your pool contractor will explain what the numbers mean and the importance of them staying within the correct ranges.

The pressure gauge on the pool pump and filter lets you know the pool water is safe for swimming because if it’s within proper ranges the water is circulating properly. When the pressure is outside of the normal ranges, water quality and the equipment suffer.

Checking the gauges is part of the service visit inspection checklist we follow. We will write the pressure reading right on the pump and suggest you keep a notebook and track the date, time and pressure reading. Check it daily, or at least every other day. If you notice the numbers changing, let us know when we are on a service visit. If you notice a major spike or drop, call us as soon as possible.

The pressure gauge looks like a little round clock with a pointer. The pointer will indicate the filters’ pressure. How quickly and at what force the water is being pushed through the filter is what the pressure readings mean. On the filter gauge, the numbers are factored in pounds per square inch (PSI). The reading we write on the pump will be the norm for your particular pump — everyone is different.

An increase in pressure by a reading of ten PSI above the normal reading is an indication the filter needs to be cleaned. Increases in pressure mean the filter is working harder to keep the pool water clean. If the water cleanliness is impacted the water quality suffers and you don’t want to swim in dirty water.

If you don’t see a pressure reading on your pool pump, ask us what the normal range should be and then write it down, right on the pump itself.

Remember, swimming pool service contractors are considered essential service providers. Give us a call if you want to open your pool or have it serviced and maintained. We adhere to all safety regulations to keep you and your family safe from coronavirus.


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