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How Can I Increase My Pool’s Energy Efficiency?

Swimming pool maintenance is one of those once-a-year expenses where you should never cut corners. You could, however, reduce costs regarding the energy your swimming pool is expending.

Keep reading today’s Best Pro Pool blog to know how you can make your residential or commercial pool more energy efficient and take advantage of those sweet tax incentives.

Invest in a Variable-Speed Pump

If you’ve been following our updates, you’re probably aware that a pool pump is the most important part of your swimming pool, particularly its contents. It keeps the water moving to maintain chemical balance and prevent algae and bacteria from contaminating your pool. While all pumps require energy to keep functioning, their consumption varies by type.

Variable-speed pool pumps are less noisy and use less energy than their single-speed counterparts. They may cost more at the offset, but the money they help you save after installation is worth the one-off price you need to pay for them.

Replace Your Filter

Your filter might be in perfect working order, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, period. A larger filter indirectly helps you save energy by allowing more access to the water and taking a load of your pump to keep it clean.

You could try a cartridge filter since it works like a dream and doesn’t need much backwashing. That said, don’t skimp on regular pool maintenance service because sooner or later, even a neglected cartridge filter would exert more pressure on your pump.

Install Swimming Pool Covers

Heat loss due to evaporation is a common issue with swimming pools, especially outdoor ones under direct sunlight. Thus, it’s better to keep it covered when no one’s using it.

This might be easier for residential than commercial pool owners, but accomplishing it means significantly reducing your energy consumption. If you want to try this trick, set a curfew for your commercial pool usage and install automatic pool covers after it closes for the day.

Maintain Even Temperatures

Your pool’s heating system takes the cake where energy efficiency is concerned. The higher you set the temperature, the harder your heater will have to work to warm up the water. All this begs the question: do you need warm water in the warmer months?

You can afford to keep your heater somewhere around 70 degrees in the summer and keep your swimming pool open for rest and recreation. It won’t just save you those energy bills but also prevent algae and bacteria, taking the pressure off your filter and pump.

Try the above strategies to reduce energy consumption by hiring us for outdoor pool maintenance. Request our swimming pool services to add energy-efficient parts and revert to a monthly pool service to ensure your residential or commercial pool remains clean and in proper working order.

Reach out to discuss your pool services in Merced CA.


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