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How much does a pool cost?

How much does a pool cost? Best Pro Pool Service contractors answer

One of the first questions the swimming pool contractors at Best Pro Pool Service get asked regularly is “How much does a pool cost?” The answer is, “It depends.” There are many factors that need to be considered for both the pool construction, accessories and the cost of maintenance and upkeep of the pool.

How much does a pool cost?

The first, and biggest, variable in the cost of a swimming pool is the building material you choose for the project. There are three choices of building materials and they include:

  1. Gunite — the most expensive

  2. Fiberglass — middle ground price-wise

  3. Vinyl liner — the least expensive of the building materials

Keep in mind that the area of the country in which you live will also be a factor on the price of your pool construction project. The type of ground in your yard will add to the cost — if it’s a rock-filled backyard the price will be higher to excavate than a sandy, clay yard might.

The accessories you want as part of your pool project will also certainly add to the cost of the pool project. Accessories include:

  1. Hot tub

  2. Diving board

  3. Slide

  4. Fountain

  5. Rock waterfall

  6. Sun shelves

  7. Motorized pool cover

  8. Beach entry

  9. Pool heater

  10. Etc.

Maintenance and utility costs are also a factor when you’re looking to become a swimming pool owner. When making your budget for the pool project, don’t forget to ask your pool contractor to provide you estimates on the potential increases in your utility bills. Don’t forget to ask about and budget for swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. Another item to consider will be whether your homeowner’s insurance will increase because of the addition of a swimming pool. You will want to check with your insurance carrier before you begin the project to make certain your insurance policy will provide the coverage necessary for a pool project.

Safety features also need to be budgeted for with the pool project. Most municipalities across the country require a safety fence surrounds the pool. The type and style of fence may be dictated by the municipality in which you live. Consider adding pool alarms for added safety and don’t forget to invest in life jackets and other pool safety equipment.The best way to determine what you will pay for your family swimming pool is to first determine the budget you have for the project, call us and let’s sit down and talk. Knowing your budget will help determine the type and size of the pool, the building material and the accessories that will be included in the pool. Plan to spend in the neighborhood of $50,000 and up for a quality in ground swimming pool.

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