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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Swimming Pool?

The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool service get asked all the time, how much does it cost to get a swimming pool? They also get asked how much does pool service cost. While there are averages on the price of construction and pool service, the prices for each are as unique and different as the potential pool owners.

When you have a swimming pool constructed there is no doubt you will have a structure you and your family will enjoy for decades to come. You will have a staycation spot right out the backdoor and no longer have to fight crowds to get to the beach.

 How Much Does It Cost To Get A Swimming Pool?

Prior to getting a swimming pool, you need to put together a budget for the payment of the construction and for the ongoing service and maintenance involved in responsible pool ownership. Maintenance is a task that never goes away as is an increase in your utility bills and that needs to be budgeted for — long term — for as long as you own the pool!

Here are tips to consider when looking for a pool contractor to build the pool and a pool service contractor to undertake the maintenance — this will help you set a budget for your swimming pool construction:

  1. What did you pay for your pool? This may sound like a rude question to ask friends and family but if they know you’re trying to get an idea on the price of a pool, chances are they will be happy to share. Ask them how much it costs for service and how much their utilities increased. If they have a pool design and style you like, this will truly help you narrow down the potential price.

  2. No matter what you have for the top end of your budget for construction back that off by 10-15% and leave that additional 10-15% as a cushion for any potential overruns.

  3. How will you pay for the pool? Will you need to take out a loan? If that’s the case, ask your potential pool builder for ideas on who offers loans for pool construction and talk with them as well as your own bank.

Let the pool contractor know what your budget is, what you’d like to see in your pool project then work to come together on a pool that will fit your budget as well as your dreams.


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