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How to conserve swimming pool water

California is currently under fire hazard conditions, in much of the state. Many months of the year, California is also under drought conditions and under water conservation mandates. If you’re a swimming pool owner you may wonder how to conserve swimming pool water to save money and to comply with water conservation mandates.

How to conserve swimming pool water

There are some easy ways in which to conserve water in your swimming pool and the pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California offer them here.

  1.  Use a swimming pool cover. A pool cover should be considered a necessity, not an afterthought when you become a swimming pool owner. Your pool cover will help slow the rate of water evaporation. A pool cover also may lead to having to use fewer chemicals. A pool cover can also be an additional safety layer for your pool. A pool cover may also mean your pool contractor will have an easier task cleaning the pool because the pool cover keeps debris out of the water.

  2. Liquid solar blankets provide an effective barrier to keep the pool water clean and help warm the water. A liquid solar blanket is a microscopic film that sits on top of the water and provides a barrier. You can buy a liquid pool barrier in tablet or liquid form. Pour it onto the surface of the pool water, it will disperse across the entire surface of the pool and provide an invisible barrier. The liquid provides coverage for up to 24 hours.

  3. Turn off water features when you’re not in the pool. Turn off waterfalls, fountains, water in slides and other items you may have. Turn off poolside misters as well if you’re not in the pool or in the outdoor living space.

  4. Turn the water temperature down. Lowering the pool water temperature by even a degree or two will help slow the rate of evaporation and you may not even notice the difference.

  5. Utilize your pool safety fence as a windbreak. A windbreak slows the rate of air blowing across the surface of the pool and this slows the rate of water evaporation.

Talk with us if you want to find ways to conserve water and save money on your swimming pool operations.


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