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How to have an eco-friendly swimming pool

There are many reasons to have a swimming pool that is environmentally friendly and they range from money-saving benefits to earth-friendly benefits. How to have an eco-friendly swimming pool is something the swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service talk with potential and current pool owners about.

“Going green” isn’t a catch phrase and it involves more than recycling newspapers and returning bottles and cans. For many people eco-friendly is a lifestyle and a philosophy many iembrace. The trends toward eco-friendly lifestyles run the gamut, but many pool owners understand that a swimming pool — while fun and beautiful — can also be a drain on the environment, increase a family’s carbon footprint and raise the costs of utility and water bills — unless you embrace an eco-friendly pool lifestyle.

Chlorine has traditionally been used to clean and sanitize swimming pool water and keep it bacteria free. Some families don’t want to swim in chemical laden water and because of that they are looking for ways and talking with us to find alternatives to the use of so many chemicals.

What does it mean to have an eco-friendly pool?

  1. Swimming pool service contractors explain that an eco- or environmentally friendly pool is one that operates on a reduced amount of electricity, uses fewer chemicals and has a pool cover in place when the pool isn’t in use, as  compared to other pools.

  2. Save money and the environment by not running a swimming pool heater or if you run it, lower it by a couple of degrees (you’ll be surprised at the potential money savings). Use solar power to heat the pool water.

  3. Install high efficiency and energy star rated filters, heaters (unless you go solar) and pumps. Also, using a variable speed pump is one of the biggest money savers you can invest in for your pool operations.

  4. A salt water swimming pool, gaining in popularity, are initially expensive, but pay for itself in the long run. These pools use salt to sanitize the pool making it more cost effective because you’re using fewer chemicals. Also salt water is easier on your skin.

Talk with us and we will do a walk-around of your swimming pool and look for ways to upgrade and update equipment to offer you the most cost-effective and eco-friendly pool you and your family can have.


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