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How to hire a swimming pool service contractor

Modesto, California pool contractors offer tips to hire a service contractor

Whether you’re new to swimming pool ownership or if you’ve been a long-time pool owner who is just ready to give up the pool service tasks, you need to know how to hire a swimming pool service contractor who will be a good fit for your pool, your lifestyle and your budget.

Many pool owners find they spend less money when they work with a swimming pool contractor. The savings in time spent and money spent might just make it make more sense to hire a swimming pool service contractor who will care for your pool and leave you and your family to do the “fun stuff” — swim!

How to hire a swimming pool service contractor

What should you look for and what will a swimming pool service contractor do for you? The pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service explain.

  1. Check the pH levels, chlorine levels and add chemicals when necessary. Ask us for a water test kit so you can check the water between service visits.

  2. Clean and empty the skimmer basket

  3. Shocking aka super-chlorinating the pool when needed. A shock is done following an algae problem or a deluge of water from rain storms.

  4. Brushing the pool walls and floors and vacuuming the pool

  5. You will want to skim fallen debris from the pool water between service visits. Remove foreign objects such as bugs or leaves before they fall to the bottom of the pool.

  6. A pool service contractor will open and close the pool for his customers. Ask if that is a separate fee or part of the overall summer contract price.

  7. He will inspect the pool and its equipment to assure everythign is working correctly. He will make suggestions on when equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.

You will want to ask:

  1. The price for service

  2. The tasks he performs regularly

  3. The frequency of the service visits

Talk with more than one pool service contractor and ask for a quote for service. Compare the quotes and assure that when comparing the prices that you look at the services provided. Ask questions or for clarification on any items you don’t understand or on items that vary between service contractors.

Do the calculations on both your time spent in pool maintenance tasks and the cost of working with a skilled pool service professional and make an informed decision.


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