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How to keep your swimming pool clean

YAY, you’re a swimming pool owner! You love it, right? It’s a lot of work… right? You probably knew how much work went into swimming pool ownership when you decided to own one, but maybe you weren’t quite sure exactly how much work a pool would take. How to keep your swimming pool clean is something every pool owner asks him or herself and ask a pool service contractor.

Atwater, California swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service understand that cleaning a pool can be a DIY project. They will even show you how to clean and maintain the pool on your own, if you schedule an appointment. Many pool owners find, though, that it takes more time than they want to spend (you want to swim in your free time, not maintain the pool water chemistry, right?!). Many pool owners also find it costs them less money to hire a pro than to do it themselves — intriguing thought!

How to keep your swimming pool clean

Whether you want to try to undertake pool maintenance on your own, care for the pool between service visits, or understand what a pool contractor does, here are a few tips:

  1. This isn’t a tip, but a best practice: Use a pool cover all times when you’re not swimming! A pool cover is one of the best ways to keep the pool water clean and make pool maintenance easier. If you have children and pets in the house, use a pool safety cover to have an additional protective barrier to keep them from falling into the water.

  2. Test the water chemistry. Once you test it, you need to understand the readings so you can add the correct chemicals to bring the water back to balance.

  3. Check the pressure on the swimming pool filter. It’s easiest to know if it’s where it belongs if you write the correct pressure right on the filter. If the pressure is too high or too low, it indicates an issue and you may want to call a professional.

  4. The pool will need to be thoroughly brushed at least weekly — the walls, floor and behind and around steps and any water features.

  5. Vacuum the pool after you’ve brushed it.

  6. Clean the skimmer basket and the filter.

  7.  Skim floating debris from the water surface as soon as you see it (this you would do even if you hire a pool contractor)

  8. Make sure you set a timer and run the pool pump and filter the required number of hours per day. Consider running it during the overnight hours when the draw on the electrical grid is lower. Add the chemicals at the end of the day so you can swim all day and so the heat of the sun doesn’t evaporate them.

  9. Check water levels and add more water when they get too low.

Many pool owners opt for an occasional cleaning by a pool pro while others want a weekly cleaning and service visit so they can spend their free time swimming. You need to decide whether you want regular or occasional cleanings before the season begins so you can get on the schedule of your favorite pool service pro.


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