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How To Landscape Your Pool For Ease Of Care

Best Pro Pool Service contractors explain how to landscape your pool for ease of care. Landscaping is an ideal way to add to the beauty and aesthetics of your swimming pool, but you need to assure the landscaping you’re undertaking won’t lead to additional swimming pool service and cleaning.

How To Landscape Your Pool For Ease Of Care

When you landscape around your swimming pool you are looking for a design that is no-mess and hopefully no fuss. You also want the pool to not become home to plant “litter” and a haven for bees, bugs and ants. No one wants to step in messes from birds or swim in a pool with bees and ants, right?

When you’re working with a swimming pool contractor he will be able to offer advice on the best plants and trees for poolside landscaping. He can also help you understand which type of plants and even landscaping items such as mulch or cedar chips or wood shavings will cause you frustration when it comes to pool maintenance and upkeep.

If you have an above ground swimming pool it’s easier to keep landscaping debris from it. An in-ground swimming pool, however is the one more prone to debris from a landscaping project.

Here are items to consider for your pool landscaping project:

  1. How much shade or sun do you need poolside? How do you want to get the shade? An awning? Pool umbrella? Moveable plants? Permanent plantings?

  2. Do you need to landscape for privacy? There’s nothing worse than being in your swimming pool and knowning the neighbors are peeking into your backyard.

  3. When you’re putting in plants, make sure you’re not planing flowers or trees with blooms that will lure in bees. Look at marigolds, foxglove, mint, zinnias or geraniums. Cactus, depending on the area of the country in which you live, make ideal plantings and don’t typically drop debris or lure bugs or birds.

  4. Be aware of where you’re using mulch or bark. Don’t allow it to be too close to the pool or it will be blown into the water or tracked in by those swimming.

  5. Consider planting evergreens. You don’t have to worry about them dropping leaves and they stay green year-round. Do be aware though they may drop pine needles, pine cones or sap.

  6. Don’t forget to look at the shading of your pool by nightfall. A pool that is shaded ideally for daytime might seem dark and menacing at night. If you want the thick daytime shading, consider adding lighting to help illuminate the poolside area for nighttime enjoyment.

  7. Consider the color of your decking and pool pavers. If you live where it is perpetually sunny, dark colored pavers and decking could lead to blistering heat on bare feet.

Before you undertake a poolside landscaping project, spend some time in thoughtful contemplation of the pool space both day and night for a couple of weeks to understand the wind patterns as well as the sun and shade patterns.

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Jean Summers
Jean Summers
Sep 23, 2022

First time reading this blog, thanks for sharing

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