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How to make swimming safe for your pets

If your dog loves to be with you all of the time, chances are he will want to be with you in the swimming pool, too. How to make swimming safe for your pets is something the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California talk with their pool customers about regularly.

If your dog wants to join in the fun or if he just jumps right in without being invited, you will want to find ways to keep him safe when he’s swimming — and when he’s done swimming! You also need to make certain, even if your dog or cat doesn’t get into the water that they don’t drink the water, either. The chemicals in the swimming pool can make them ill if they ingest the chlorinated water.

How to make swimming safe for your pets

When you have a swimming pool, your pets and wildlife will look at it as a giant water bowl. You definitely don’t want your pets to look at the pool as the only, or perhaps, best place to get their drinking water. Keep bowls of fresh, clean cold water poolside and urge your pets to drink from those, not the pool.

Encourage your pets to drink from the clean water before they even get into the fenced in pool area. Take them to the bowls occasionally to assure they’re drinking from there rather than lapping up the pool water.

Even saltwater swimming pools, which don’t rely on as much chlorine, can still be unhealthy for your pets. The salt isn’t the factor that could make your pet sick, it’s the idea that even a little salt could be too much sodium for your dog. If you have a dog or cat who has any health issues, sodium intake should be limited and drinking from a saltwater pool could be far too much.

Many pet owners look to ozone as a way to keep the pool water clean without using too many chemicals. An ozone pool water cleaner only utilizes a small amount of chlorine to keep the water clean — along with the ozone cleaning equipment. Using ozone to clean the pool water will instantly kill bacteria, fungus and mold.

When you’re getting a swimming pool constructed, talk with your pool contractor and let him know you will have pets that will be around and possibly in the pool. Take steps to keep them safe and protected.


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