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How to plan a great poolside staycation

If you’re having to shelter in place, it is made easier for those of us who have a swimming pool in the backyard, right? How to plan a great poolside staycation is what we want to focus on today. The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California have tips and advice to make staying home because of coronavirus comfortable and fun!

A swimming pool in your back yard means you have access to a staycation spot long after your two-week summer vacation is over. In fact, you can feel like you’re on vacation every time you don your swimsuit, plan a cookout or just relax poolside and in the pool with your family.

How to plan a great poolside staycation

  1. Add a water feature like a fountain, rock waterfall. Adding water to a water-filled swimming pool adds t the relaxation you will feel when you’re relaxing poolside. For many pool owners, they spend more time poolside than in the water and having a wonderful outdoor living space adds to the relaxation they feel.

  2. Add misters to the outdoor living space so you can enjoy the heat and sun while still being cool.

  3. Invest in rafts and other water toys and games so you can play and float in comfort. Imagine an adult raft with an umbrella, arm rests and a refrigerator? Don’t just imagine — buy one!

  4. Throw a pool party with the family. You may not be able to invite friends and family, but your immediate family can certainly have a party. Let each family member choose a theme and take turns having a theme party each weekend.

  5. Cook and eat outside. You don’t need an elaborate outdoor kitchen set up to do that. Fire up the grill, bring out your dishes and utensils and eat all of your meals outdoors — it is so much more inviting than indoors, especially if the weather cooperates.

What can you do to have a fun staycation, every day, in your backyard? 

Remember, swimming pool contractors are considered an essential service so we are available to clean and maintain your pool so you can enjoy it while you’re staying at home. 


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