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How to plan pool maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is all about getting, and staying, on a schedule. It may be tempting to skip a week of cleaning the pool, but you will potentially “pay” for that because algae could take hold and that will take you a long time and a lot of chemicals to clean up. Getting on a regular maintenance schedule for your swimming pool is something that the swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service recommend. How to plan a pool maintenance schedule is something they can help you with.

They’ve put together this brief primer on pool maintenance tasks for those times in between pool contractor visits.

How to plan pool maintenance

  1. There is no one size fits all way to clean a swimming pool. From the pool’s size, how often it gets used, whether you use a pool cover and myriad other things will have bearing on the pool cleaning plan. The biggest thing is: Consistency. Plan when you will test the pool water. When you will skim the pool water. When you will run the pump and for how long. Plan it. Write it down. Stick to it.

  2.  Get everyone involved. There’s no reason that “dad” has to be the only one to care for the pool. If you’re having other family members playing a role in pool care, keep a chart so you know which tasks need to be performed when. This will help ensure no tasks are getting missed.

  3. How often will your family use the pool? If you have a lot of people in the pool a lot of the time, you may need to clean it more frequently. Know your family’s habits when you talk with a pool contractor about your maintenance needs.

  4. Keep the schedule simple. Write it down and put it in a location where everyone can see it every day. Use a “check mark” system to denote that pool chores were complete. Also on this chart you can track pool chemistry readings and pool pump pressure readings.

  5. Here is a simple schedule you can use and adapt to your unique needs: Vacuum weekly; skim the pool as often as it needs it, but at least twice a week; brush the pool walls and floor twice a week; run the pump at least ten hours a day; check the pool chemicals at least twice a week — more often if you have used the pool more often; shock the pool weekly.

Talk with us and we can help you compile a schedule that is unique to your family’s needs.


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