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How to prepare for your 2019 pool project

A swimming pool project is exciting and can be nerve-wracking as well. How to prepare for your 2019 pool project is something the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service and Construction in Atwater, California talk with potential pool owners about all the time.

This is the time of year when pool contractors find themselves in high demand and it’s also when you may want to begin your search (if you haven’t already) for the perfect pool contractor for your family’s dream swimming pool.

Now that you’ve made the decision to own a pool, we’ll be you’re anxious to get the project underway so you can swim this summer, right? 

When you work with a pool contractor from Best Pro you will realize that the project is going to go on track and according to plan because we have years of experience working with first time pool owners as well as long-time pool owners who are looking at major renovation and remodeling project.

How to prepare for your 2019 pool project

Your swimming pool is an extension of your home as well as an extension of your unique decorating flair and style. That’s why much of the pool design conversation will center around the look and style of the pool — after you’ve ironed out the details of the construction material itself and the equipment for the pool.

Once you have your budget in place, here are some other questions you will explore with your potential swimming pool project.

  1. What building material do you want it to be? Fiberglass, concrete or vinyl liner? They all have pros and cons so make certain you thoroughly understand them and make the right choice for your pool.

  2. What kind of in pool lighting do you want? LED or fiber optic? Lighting performs double duty — safety and aesthetics.

  3. What kind of deck, what size and from what building material do you want it constructed?

  4. Will you want a diving board or slide? These decisions need to be made up front because you will need a pool large enough and deep enough to comply with safety regulations for their installation.

  5.  How much yard space do you want to devote to the pool?

  6. What kind of pool cover will you invest in?

  7. Do you want a hot tub or spa as part of the overall pool construction project?

  8. Do you want an outdoor living space? If so, what kind? A full blown outdoor kitchen area, a pool house or a more simple space?

  9. Do you want a pool heater?

  10. Choose energy efficient pool equipment, even if it means spending a bit more up front because it will pay for itself in the long term.

When you meet with us, let us know your budget and bring us some ideas of pool styles and designs that you like as this will give us a jumping off point for your project. Let’s get your project started so you don’t miss much of the summer of 2019 swim season!


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