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How to Replace and Clean the Cartridges in Your Pool Filter

Proper maintenance of your pool’s filter cartridges will keep your pool clean and extend its useful life. Although cartridge needs to be replaced eventually because of all the mineral, dirt, and oil buildup, you need to be sure when to replace and clean them.

We’ve curated this swimming pool care guide for you to take care of your pool filter cartridge.

When Should You Clean?

Clean your filter cartridges when the pressure gauge on the filter increases by 8 pounds per square inch (PSI) or above its normal pressure. It would help if you cleaned your filter cartridges every six months, assuming that the filter hasn’t been subject to heavy bather loads or bad algae.

How Should You Clean?

The first step in cleaning the filter cartridge is to remove large debris and dirt particles. Later, soak the cartridge in a cleaning solution for the pool filter cartridge. This solution will remove any residual scum and oil buildup.

Alternatively, you can also use a garden hose to clean the cartridge if there’s larger debris. Ensure that you’re cleaning the pleats from top to bottom. The deeper you clean, the longer it lasts. Avoid hosing it quickly, and don’t put the cartridge back right away.

You can also set up a pool cleaning service with us in Turlock, CA. Best Pro Pool can clean your pool to keep it chemically balanced and fix filter cartridges.

When Should You Replace?

Generally, people replace the pool filter cartridge every 3-5 years. However, don’t use the time alone as a deciding factor to determine whether your pool cartridge needs replacement. The demand placed on the filter cartridge is equally important.

You can determine when your filter cartridge needs replacement in the following ways:

1. You need to clean cartridges when the pressure rises to 8 PSI. When the time it takes to reach this pressure shortens, it’s time to replace your filter cartridge. Track filter pressure and the date of cleaning. When the cleaning frequency increases in that you feel the need to clean your filter more frequently, know that it’s reached its half-life.

2. You can also determine the need to replace your filter cartridge when you notice signs of damage, such as tears or rips in the fabric. This damage reduces the filtering ability of the cartridge, and you need to get a new one.

3. You can also determine the need to get a new filter cartridge when the water remains green or cloudy after proper chemical balance. If you have to use more sanitizer or run the filter longer, it also indicates the need for replacement.

How Should You Replace?

You need to acquire all the necessary components to replace your filter cartridge. Ensure that you get a quality filter, as these can be quite expensive. Remove the old filter by cutting the old pipe and disconnecting the oil furnace. Let the remaining water drain.

Once you’ve removed the old filter, rough cut your new filter, make adjustments, assemble everything and let it cure. Alternatively, you can schedule a new swimming pool equipment service with us. Best Pro Pool offers effective, energy-efficient filter maintenance, cleaning, and replacement service. Request an estimate today for swimming pool services in Merced, Turlock, and other parts of CA.


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