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How to safely use your hot tub in the winter

Is there anything better than a soak in the family hot tub in the middle of winter or especially in a snowstorm? We think not! The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Best Pro Pool Service offer these how to safely use your hot tub in winter tips for all members of your family.

A hot tub is an ideal way to warm up in the winter and to work out the aches and pains and that chill that seeps into your bones in the winter. If you’re using the hot tub in the winter you need to take cleaning precautions and keep the hot tub water disinfected and free of bacteria year-round if you’re not closing it.

How to safely use your hot tub in the winter

If you’re planning to use your hot tub in the winter months — and honestly why wouldn’t you?! Here are some tips to keep everyone safe.

  1. When you’re uncovering the hot tub or spa in the cooler months, make certain you gently remove all snow and ice build-up before lifting it off. If you don’t do this, the snow and ice will fall into the water and can upset the water chemistry and also really cool the water down.

  2. How will you get to and from the hot tub? Yes, you will be warm once you get into the hot tub, but getting there might be dicey! When it’s cold outside and if you’re dashing from a warm house, across a freezing cold yard and into a hot tub it will be a shock to your body! When you’re getting out of the water you truly want to make sure you’re warm when you get out. Keep a warm robe or towel or use a heated towel rack to keep your towel warm and welcoming when you’re done soaking.

  3. If you know you’re using the hot tub all season long, don’t drop the temperature too low. It will take longer and require more energy to bring the water temp up to a soakable temperature from a sub zero one than it will to drop the temps a few degrees if you’re not using the water.

Don’t soak for too long — the heat of the water in the hot tub is dehydrating and you will want to limit soaks to fifteen minutes at a time. Get out, relax a bit then get back in! Don’t let winter keep you indoors — especially when you have a hot tub at the ready!


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