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How to vacuum a pool

How to vacuum a pool is a question the swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service get asked quite regularly. The reason is, that there are proper ways to vacuum and ways that will make your work harder than it has to be!

To properly care for your swimmng pool means you need to vacuum it to pick up any debris that has fallen to the bottom. Vacuuming the pool is also done after you’ve brushed the pool walls and floor to loosen any debris or mold spores; you definitely need to remove those from the pool!

Many swimming pool owners invest in automatic swimming pool cleaners (think of the in-house robotic vacuums) but there is still manual cleaning that will need to be done to assure the pool water and the pool structure is free of debris.

How to vacuum a pool

If you need assistance in learning how to vacuum your pool for the first time, we can help.

  1. Put the vacuum head and pole together.

  2. Attach the vacuum hose to vacuum head.

  3. Slowly lower the vacuum head into the pool and sink the vacuum hose. You will want to do this slowly to remove air from the hose. To tell if this is done correctly you will notice water running out of the hose.

  4. The free end of the hose will connect to the opening in the back of the skimmer. You will see this once you remove the skimmer basket.

  5. Tuen the main control valve off at the filter. Turn the control valve that is attached to the skimmer to the off position. Once you hear the pump activate you can open it slightly until the pump is running smoothly.

  6. Vacuum the pool like you’d vacuum your home carpets. Move the vacuum slowly so you don’t stir up debris that has been brushed off and has fallen to the bottom of the pool.

  7. Once you’re done vacuuming, turn the open up any valves that you closed at the filter before you life the vacuum head from the bottom of the pool.

There may come a time when you need to vacuum the pool between service visits. Ask us how to do it properly.


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