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How to vacuum a swimming pool

How to vacuum a swimming pool, Best Pro Pool Service contractors explain

If you work with a swimming pool service contractor from Best Pool Pro Service in Atwater, California chances are your contractor performs all of the vacuuming of your pool. If you have ever wondered how to vacuum a swimming pool, and you should know how to perform this task between service visits — this is especially important if you don’t use a swimming pool cover, we will provide advice on how to vacuum.

How to vacuum a swimming pool

Automation has made owning and cleaning a swimming pool easier than ever before. If you had your pool contractor install an automatic pool cleaner or if you have invested in a robotic vacuum you can keep your pool clean between service visits. Ask us to explain the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner and the differences between that and a robotic device and how they can practically do the work for you between service visits.

If you’re not at the point of investing in an automatic cleaning device, here are steps to how to vacuum the pool


  1. Hook the vacuum head and the hose and lower it into the pool.

  2. Sink the vacuum hose to the bottom of the pool, slowly, so the air moves out of it. You can tell if you’ve properly lowered the vacuum head if water comes out of the hose.

  3. Remove the pool’s skimmer basket

  4. Connect the free end of the hose to the opening at the back of the skimmer

  5. Turn off main control valve on the filter and turn the control valve attached to the skimmer until you hear the pump start.

  6. Slowly open the valve until the pump begins running smoothly

  7. Move the vacuum slowly around the pool floor. If the pool is dirty, you will have to empty the pump strainer during the cleaning process

  8. After you’re done, turn off the valves before you lift the vacuum from the water

Vacuuming your pool between service visits cuts down on dirt and debris that fall to the bottom of the pool. It will also help the pool service contractor and shorten his visits and perhaps save you money. Ask us how to properly vacuum the pool. Also, keep in mind, if you’re diligent in the use of a pool cover, you can substantially cut back on the amount of time needed to vacuum.


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