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How will you pay for your swimming pool?

If you and your family have been dreaming of owning your own swimming pool, you may be wondering how will you pay for your swimming pool? That is a question the pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California talk with potential pool owners about all the time.

Swimming pools aren’t cheap — let’s just be honest about that. BUT a pool of your own is such a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends, get in shape and have a staycation spot right outside your back door. A swimming pool is beautiful as well as functional and they are just plain fun!

If you’re thinking of moving at some point in the future and all your neighbors have pools, you may need to have one in order to make your home competitive on the market.

How will you pay for your swimming pool?

Unless you have saved and have enough cash to pay for the pool project outright, you will likely need to finance the project. You will want to talk with your bank and ask what kind of rates they offer, whether you could qualify and perhaps even use a home improvement loan or line of credit to finance the project.

Here are some loan points to think about:

  1. What will the monthly payment be? Don’t forget to factor in increases in utility bills as well as the cost of pool service in addition to the repayment of the pool loan itself.

  2. Will you get a fixed interest rate or variable and what’s best for your circumstance

  3.  How long do you want to be paying off the loan?

  4. How much will your bank give you?

Here are some ways to finance a swimming pool construction project:

  1. Your personal bank

  2. Paying for the project upfront if you have the cash available

  3. A credit union

  4. A home equity loan

  5. A credit card — this may be cost-prohibitive based on your interest rate

  6. Borrow against your retirement or 401(k)

 A swimming pool is definitely an investment, but there are very few swimming pool owners who regret their decision to own a pool. Give us a call and let’s talk about your potential pool project and about ongoing upkeep and maintenance for your new pool. 


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