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Ideal gifts for swimming pool owners

Do you have a swimming pool owner in your life? If so, gift giving just got easier! There are many ideal gifts for swimming pool owners and many of them include waterproof gift ideas! You can also give the person who has everything and who has a swimming pool gift certificates for pool cleaning and you can buy them toys for in pool fun and for poolside relaxing.

If you’re seeking waterproof gift ideas, the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in California have some items for you to consider!

Ideal gifts for swimming pool owners

  1.  Waterproof or water resistance smart phone or tablet cases

  2. Waterproof or underwater camera

  3. Waterproof electrical power strip with surge protection

  4. A waterproof notepad and pen

  5. A waterproof television or case for a television that you can have poolside or in your outdoor living space.

  6. Waterproof or water resistant floating speakers

  7. Waterproof wallet.

  8. For the ladies, a makeup bag filled with waterproof eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and mascara. Don’t forget water resistant sunblock or sunscreen.

  9. Waterproof games — playing cards or other board games

Look for pool friendly or pool side friendly items and see if they are manufactured in waterproof or water resistant styles. Don’t forget to look at poolside furniture or cushions. How about buying your friend or family member a new set of pool towels, toys for the sandbox or new personalized life jackets. Don’t forget items for the family pet who loves to spend time in the pool — a doggie life vest, even a kiddie pool for the pup who wants to be by the family, but not in the water.

Ask us for advice on other pool owner items that your friends or family might enjoy. Visit our pool store and look at the items we have avaialble and make a few choices — the pool lover in your life will be sure to like any item that makes poolside time more fun!


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