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Is your pool safe enough?

The safety of a swimming pool cannot be minimized. When you take on the role of “swimming pool owner” you also take on the role of making the pool as safe as you possibly can. Is your pool safe enough? This is a question you should ask yourself regularly. There could be “chinks in the armor” at any time and that means you will want to inspect the pool and its safety equipment at least monthly — preferably weekly!

Talk with the swimming pool service contractor from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, CA about having a pool enclosure constructed as a way to enhance the security of your family swimming pool.

 Is your pool safe enough?

There isn’t a municipality in the country that doesn’t require a safety fence or some other way to keep the swimming pool contained and curious children out. The size, height and length of fence as well as its construction material may vary by city to city, but the need for a safety fence does not.

If you’re looking at a swimming pool project and a safety fence, have you ever considered getting a swimming pool enclosure? A pool enclosure essentially turns your swimming pool into a room — and your pool into an indoor pool! This enclosure style keeps children and pets out.

If you have the budget and are interested in a pool enclosure, it will be a structure that completely surrounds the pool — all of its sides and with a roof. It is a self contained room that protects the pool. You may even be able to use the pool year round if you have a pool enclosure.

Here are reasons to consider a pool enclosure:

  1. You can add privacy to the pool area if you have a smoked glass enclosure. Most enclosures are clear glass so not much in the way of privacy! You can certainly landscape around the enclosure to make it more private.

  2. To keep people out when you’re not around. A fence can be scaled, an enclosure can be locked.

  3. You may save money on your homeowner’s insurance because a pool in an enclosure is less of a liability.

  4. An enclosure might extend the season — especially if you add a pool heater.

  5. A well-constructed enclosure could add to the resale value of your home.

  6. A pool enclosure will cut back on the dirt and debris that fall into the water and cuts back on cleaning time. You can do this by using a pool cover, too.

Considering a pool enclosure or looking for ways to make your swimming pool even safer? Give us a call.


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