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Is your pool water making your eyes bloodshot?

If you find that when you get done swimming and if you haven’t worn goggles, that your eyes are red you may wonder why is your pool water making your eyes bloodshot? It’s not a good look and red, bloodshot eyes not only are unsightly, but they can itch and be irritated from the chlorine and chemical imbalance in the water.

Other questions swimming pool owners ask the service pros from Best Pro Pool Service is whether the pool water is why their skin is dry, why their hair is turning green and why they smell chlorine when they go to swim. These issues, and many others, can arise if the pool water’s chemistry is not properly balanced.

Also, when you can smell chlorine, that doesn’t mean the pool water is sparkling clean — it means that the chemistry is out of balance and that there is too much bacteria, ammonia and waste products in the water. Chlorine is odorless and colorless, so if you’re smelling it, pull out the water test kit and test the water.

When you get out of the pool and deal with bloodshot eyes, green hair and dry, itchy skin talk with us and have us test the water and add the chemicals necessary to bring them back within proper ranges so you can swim again.

Is your pool water making your eyes bloodshot?

  1. Chemical balances. The pool’s pH and alkalinity will be tested. Levels that are either too high or too low means you will be faced with skin and eye irritation.

  2. Water chemistry changes. Dilgence and frequency are keys to proper pool water chemistry. You also need to test the chemistry following a rainfall or when you’ve had a party or a larger than normal swimmer use. We recommend daily testing until the balances are in alignment. Testing the water between service visits should be done.

  3. Additional pool cleaning and chemistry testing. If you’re planning a swimming pool party or anticipate more people than usual will be in the swimming pool, this could lead to the chemicals becoming unbalanced. It may be wise to contact your pool service professional for additional cleanings and chemical testing to get on his schedule for before and after the pool party.

You don’t have to suffer from dry skin or red, itchy eyes. If there is a problem, let us know and we will address it on our next service visit.


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