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Is Your Skin Irritated After Swimming? This Is What Might Have Happened

Are you continuously scratching yourself after a nice swim? Something has likely irritated your skin very badly, and we know exactly what it is!

Chlorine is the most common element used for disinfecting pools. Although it helps clean the pool and offers other great benefits, it can cause a rash in some people. This element dries your skin and leads to serious irritation.

Getting a chlorine rash should not stop you from enjoying a nice swim in the pool after all. As expert pool cleaners, we have tips for avoiding a chlorine rash.

How to Get Rid of Chlorine Rash?

A woman scratching her back due to chlorine rash

This rash will appear as redness, swelling, dryness, scaliness, itchiness, or crusting on your skin. Before trying a treatment, you must first identify that it's a chlorine rash. Many swimmers confuse this rash with swimmers' itch, which has different symptoms.

Swimmer's itch is an allergic reaction to the worm-like parasite. The common symptoms of this rash include pinhead-sized spots on the body, an outbreak of skin redness, rash, and tingling.

Once you've identified the type of rash, here are some common methods to avoid chlorine rash altogether.

  • Always apply balm before swimming: You can apply Vaseline or Aquaphor before jumping into the pool if you easily get a chlorine rash. It will create an additional hydrating layer on your skin, hard to pull off by the chlorine in the water.

  • Get a shower before and after the swim: Showering before swimming can remove dirt or debris from your body that can react with the chlorine in the water. Similarly, showering after the swim can clean the chlorine off your skin. Once you're done with the showers and swims, apply a moisturizer to ensure your skin doesn't get dry.

  • Use vitamin C on your skin: Many people don't know it, but vitamin C can neutralize the chlorine on your skin. So, when you're done with your pool session, make sure to spritz some vitamin C on your face and body to prevent rashes.

Call Our Swimming Pool Cleaners for a Professional Inspection

Swimming pool maintenance is quite necessary in the long run. Many homeowners don't take it seriously, but it's one reason you might get frequent rashes. Chlorine buildup in the pool or problems with the pool equipment can fill your pool with dirt and debris without you knowing it.

If you don't want to compromise your health to save some bucks, then our pool cleaning experts are just one call away from you. We offer swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool cleaning in Turlock, pool equipment repair, pool repair, and much more to our clients.

Our team will inspect your pool and will identify the problem for you. Swim in clean pool water after availing of our services. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss more!



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