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Plan your Labor Day party

We don’t want to think about it, but summer is quickly coming to an end! To send it off with a memorable time you should plan your Labor Day party with fun and frivoloty in mind! Throw a Labor Day party that your friends and family will remember once the chill of winter has set in.

When you throw a pool party, it takes preparation for the food, the decorations, who you will invite, what kinds of fun and games you will provide and other items you may not have thought about. Although, when you own a swimming pool, you don’t really need too much to make it party central!

Plan your Labor Day party

  1.  Set your party budget. How much do you want to spend and what theme do you want? Do you want a potluck or do you want to do all of the cooking yourself? Ponder the answers to these questions well in advance of sending out the invitations!

  2. Clean the swimming pool. Call your pool service contractor from Best Pro Pool Service and let him know you’re having a party and schedule a cleaning prior to the party and one following the party.

  3. Walk into the pool area after sundown and check the pool lighting. Do you need more lighting in and around the swimming pool? Do you want/need it for ambiance or for safety or both? Contact a pool contractor as soon as you decide what you want.

  4. What kind of entertainment — both in pool and out of the pool — do you want? Get games for the children and the adults for both in the water and outside in the yard. Don’t forget the music for party atmosphere.

  5. Decide on the decorations — if any you will have for the party.

  6. Put the menu together.

  7. Pick up some sun block, additional towels, even some flip flops in various sizes for guests to wear when they’re running around the yard and don’t want to be barefoot.

  8. Plan for a place for guests to sleep if they want to spend the night or if they have had too many adult beverages. Either offering a place to sleep or calling a ride share service to get them safely home should be part of your party planning.

Start planning your Labor Day party right now and give summer a great send off!


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