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Pool cleaning supplies to have on hand

The Atwater, California swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service talk with pool owners and let them know what pool cleaning supplies to have on hand if they want to take care of small pool service tasks between service visits.

If you are a new pool owner or if this year you’ve decided to care for the pool on your own, the volume of materials and items you see in a pool supply store can be overwhelming and you may walk out purchasing items you will never use simply because an overzealous sales person saw you coming.

Pool cleaning supplies to have on hand

Here is a pool cleaning supplies and tools primer! Even if you work with a pool service professional it’s nice to know what needs to be done with your pool between service visits.

  1. A leaf rake and skimmer. These tools are used to remove leaves and other debris from the water. The net is usually stainless steel mesh and attached to a long telescoping pole to make it easier to clean the water.

  2. A pool brush. This brush removes dirt, debris, algae spores and other material from the interior surfaces of the pool. The most common wall brush is 18 inches wide and have nylon bristles. Buy a brush specific to the type of material your pool is constructed from — vinyl liner, fiberglass or concrete — each use different brush materials.

  3. A pool vacuum. You can opt for an in-pool vacuum, a robotic vacuum or a traditional hand-held pool vacuum.

  4. A water test kit. This is one of the most necessary pool tools. You will want to test the pool water between service visits to assure the water chemistry is in balance. This is true if there has been rainfall or if you’ve had a larger than normal swimmer load.

In addition to these basic supplies, ask us for any particular or specific supplies you may want to invest in to help care for your pool.


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