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Should there be sand in the swimming pool?

Should there be sand in the swimming pool? This isn’t a trick question and the fast answer is, “no” there shouldn’t be sand in the swimming pool. The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Merced, California say if you see sand, give them a call.

Sand in the swimming pool isn’t an issue that happens often, but when it does you want to give your pool contractor a call so he or she can come, inspect the swimming pool and clean out the sand.

Should there be sand in the swimming pool?

Seeing sand at the bottom of the swimming pool, when you know for certain no one in the family has gone from a sandbox to the swimming pool can mean there is a problem with your sand filter. A recent sandstorm, like thse experienced in Arizona, could also be a reason for sand in the pool; again if you aren’t experiencing a sandbox issue or a sandstorm, call your pool contractor.

Another reason for something that looks like sand in the pool if there is not a sandstorm, sandbox or sand filter issue could be a yellow algae issue. If you notice what looks like sand, then try to move it around with a brush or a skimmer and it forms a cloud, chances are it’s algae. Sand won’t lift off the bottom of the pool too easily nor will it form a cloud when disturbed.

What causes sand to get from the filter and into the swimming pool?

The reason could be: There is a crack in the standpipe or the laterals of the sand filter. A crack can cause sand to leak into the swimming pool.

When your pool contractor determines the reason for the sand being in the pool, he will take the filter apart, remove the sand, replace the broken lateral or standpipe and clean it thoroughly. Once that is done, he will refill the filter with sand. This process is time consuming and requires knowledge and a certain level of skill. If you don’t possess that, you will want to call a pool contractor to do this task on your behalf.

Once the filter equipment has been fixed, your pool contractor will thoroughly vacuum the sand that has gathered in the swimming pool.

Don’t let sand on the bottom of the pool be an issue you don’t address as quicky as possible. Prevent further damage to the equipment by calling a pool service contractor as soon as possible.


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