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Should you have a sand pool filter?

Best Pro Pool Service contractors explain the benefits of sand pool filters. When it comes to swimming pool filters you may wonder if you should have a sand pool filter or if you should have a DE or a cartridge filter. They are all good options and each type has its unique advantages and disadvantages that we can explain so you can make an informed decision.

The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in California explain the benefits of sand pool filters: how they work and how they are cleaned and maintained.

Should you have a sand pool filter?

A little bit about sand filters

The sand in a pool filter is ground to  .45 to .55 mm in diameter. It is extremely rough, but will get smoother over time — when it gets too smooth and isn’t filtering well, the sand will need to be changed.

You can rest assured that it isn’t done often, about every five years or so. When the sand is no longer rough, the filter won’t work as efficiently nor will it capture and remove bacteria and debris and other particles.

What happens when the sand needs to be changed? Your pool contractor explains:

  1. The old sand will be removed.

  2. The drain plug is removed and the water drained.

  3. Caution is needed to remove the sand so the laterals are not damaged. Pool contractors understand this. The laterals are fragile, easily broken and costly to replace.

  4. The entire unit will be cleaned. The tank will be rinsed and reinstalled after everything is cleaned.

  5. Your contractor will replace the underdrain assembly will be replaced and will add water until the tank is about halfway full before adding the sand. The water cushions and protects the laterals.

  6. The amount of sand needed is determined by manufacturer’s instructions. The filter tank will be reassembled once the sand has been added.

  7. The filter system will be run and in backwash mode to clear out any dust and to allow the sand to completely settle.

Many pool owners, even do it yourself pool cleaning families, will call a pool contractor when it comes time to clean the sand in the filter. Give us a call if you’re not certain your sand filter is still doing its job.


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