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Should you have your swimming pool acid washed?

Have you closed your swimming pool for the season? Is your swimming pool still open? No matter which, should you have your swimming pool acid washed? It’s a question many of the customers of Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California ask us.

Some of our pool customers aren’t even aware of the benefits of an acid wash, nor are they certain what it even involves or what makes it necessary. Acid washing removes metallic stains, organic stains and calcium deposits.

Here are three of the issues that may prompt the need or desire for an acid washing of the pool deck:

  1. The pool deck surface looks tired

  2. The concrete is stained

  3. Discoloration in various areas makes the pool look dingy

Should you have your swimming pool acid washed?

What are some issues that prompt the need or desire for an acid wash of the pool deck? Here are some that we find when we work with our customers.

  1. If you have hard water and if you fill your swimming pool from the water from your house. Hard water or water that has a calcium hardness of 700-800 parts per million. Hard water leads to calcium deposit build-up, filter, pipe and filtration system issues.

  2. A pool that has had algae issues benefit from the pool being acid washed. An acid wash will definitely help kill remaining algae spores and also remove any green staining from the algae.

  3. You just want the pool to look new again. An acid wash peels back the layers of old, dingy decking and concrete and makes it look new again.

The way your pool service contractor acid washes the pool he will use muriatic acid to remove the top stained layer. The area being acid washed will be applied in small areas before the pool contractor moves to the next area. The pool may need to be drained, if it will be an extensive acid wash. It may make sense to have an acid wash performed once the pool is closed for the season.

If you aren’t certain if your pool needs an acid wash, ask us the next time we pay a service visit.


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