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Summer Pool Maintenance Guide for New Pool Owners

Summertime is a fun time! It's all about splashing in the pool and playing enjoyable pool games.

While unwinding in the pool, don't forget to consider pool maintenance. Inadequate pool maintenance can result in issues that may cost thousands of dollars to fix and undoubtedly make your pool unsafe for swimming.

Straight from Best Pro Pool's swimming pool experts, here are a few sustainable tips to keep you happy and your pool healthy:

Vacuum Up The Debris

Even though it might seem obvious, cleaning your pool regularly will make a big difference. Maintaining a clean pool surface will keep you safe from infections from a sanitary standpoint. Pool vacuums function quite similarly to house vacuums. Like vacuuming your house, you can easily and effectively remove dirt and algae from your pool by vacuuming it.

Our swimming pool experts advise scrubbing your pool extensively at least once weekly. They recommend brushing the pool's walls, stairs, and floors to get rid of debris and dirt, along with cleaning and skimming the water's surface to get rid of material like leaves.

Empty The Pool Filter

There are three kinds of swimming pool filters available: diatomaceous earth (DE), sand, and cartridge. Each kind requires a different maintenance level, but regular cleaning is required for all of them. If the filter remains unwashed and uncared for, it won't be able to catch the debris, which could cause your pool water to become cloudy or polluted.

Also, if there's an increase in the flow meter and water gauge, it'll change the water flow. The filter must be cleaned to:

- Change the valve to backwash

- Empty the filter bag weekly (if you have a DE filter)

- Dislodge the cartridge and clean it with water

- If you have a sand filter, think about upgrading your filter as it's dependent on a storm drain and directs the water into your drainage systems.

Keep The Water Chemistry In Check

Water chemistry maintenance should be the main goal for households. Poor water chemistry can harm swimmers, pool surfaces, and floors and lead to equipment repair to boot. It's prudent o get the help of professional pool services to come and do water tests bi-weekly.

Keep An Eye Out For Cracks And Repair

Before diving in, you should check your swimming pool for cracks that require immediate attention. If you notice changes in the water level, you have leaks that need to be taken care of. Now, that's a hefty repair job, but don't worry! The Best Pro Pool team will take care of all your problems in a cost-effective manner.

We're one of the finest swimming pool companies in Turlock, CA. We offer commercial pool cleaning, maintenance, repair, and pool equipment repair. Request an estimate today!


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