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The benefits of a solar cover or solar swimming pool blanket

If you want to open your pool earlier in the season or swim long past your usual swimming pool closing date, you may want to learn about the benefits of a solar cover or solar swimming pool blanke from the swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California.

Solar blankets and solar covers serve much the same purpose — they capture the heat from the sun and transfer it into your swimming pool water. They are useful for those beginning of the season or end of the swim season days, when you want to stretch your swimming time.

The benefits of a solar cover or solar swimming pool blanket

If you’re looking into the purchase of a swimming pool solar cover or solar blanket, measure your pool at its widest and longest points. A solar cover provides NO protection to keep anyone from falling into the water so don’t imagine there will be an additional layer of protection for your pool when you use one — there won’t.

It may be best to buy a solar cover or blanket that is a bit longer and wider than your pool — you can easily trim these covers with a pair of sharp scissors.

 Talk with us about the best ways to store and use the solar blanket/cover.  Invest in a roller system to manually (or electronically) roll and unroll the blanket when not in use.  These covers are lighter than most covers and can be pulled off and put back in place by one person — usually.  

Cleaning the solar cover

Wet the cover with water from the pool and use a pool brush on a telescoping pole to gently scrub it clean. After you’re done cleaning it, rinse it off with the hose. Spread it on the lawn to dry completely before you roll it up and pack it away.

Keep the solar cover or blanket off the pool when you’re super-chlorinating the pool to help assure it doesn’t get damaged by the amount of chlorine in the water. Also, don’t keep the solar cover in direct sunlight as it will get dried out and lose its pliability.

If you’re looking for ways to extend the swim season, invest in a solar cover or solar blanket.


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