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The best way to keep a pool clean

Sure, swimming pools are fun, but they are also a lot of work. The best way to keep a pool clean? To hire a pool service professional from Best Pro Pool Service (of course!) but truly any do it yourselfer with some time on his or her hands can gain an understanding of the nuances of pool cleaning and maintenance and care for a pool.

Sometimes, pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service explain, pool maintenance and upkeep can be confusing — this is true if you’re a new pool owner and if something arises in the pool water or within the pool equipment that is out of the ordinary.

When you hire a pool contractor you can kick back and simply enjoy the pool and undertake minimal maintenance like skimming off debris between service visits. In fact, some pool owners find it is less expensive to work with a pool service provider than it is to undertake the cleaning and maintenance themselves — that’s not even figuring in the time it takes.

The best way to keep a pool clean

  1. Maybe not a pool cleaning tip, but if you have a pool cover you are a long way in helping keep the pool clean! Using a cover reduces overall maintenance costs, saves on chemical use and heating costs. Using a cover also reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. If you have children in the house use a safety cover as a way to keep the water cleaner and as a layer of protection.

  2. Check the presure on your swimming pool filter. Have your pool contractor write down what it should be then pay attention to what the readings are. If they are too low or too high, it might be time to call a contractor.

  3. Brush the pool walls and floors before you vacuum. The pool should be brushed regularly to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

  4. Test the water frequently. Understand the readings and know which chemicals need to be added to bring balances back in line.

  5. After you’ve brushed the pool walls and floor, vacuum it. Take your time and vacuum slowly to avoid stirring up any loose dirt or algae as it will be harder to get out of the pool if it’s floating.

  6. When your pool is being installed, talk with your contractor about its being positioned on the “downwind” side of the pool. This location will make use of the wind to push debris toward the skimmer and make cleaning easier.

  7. Chemicals should be added one at a time, and slowly. This is true for those pool owners who aren’t quite as well-versed in pool chemistry. Adding a little at a time is easier than adding too much, then having to add more water to the pool to balance it all out.

  8. Add pool chemicals once the sun has gone down. This allows you to swim throughout the day and also keeps the chemicals from evaporating in the heat of the sun.

Whether you’re an old hand at cleaning and maintaining your pool and now just want to enjoy it without all the work or if you’re new to pool ownership, give us a call, request an estimate for your pool maintenance and let’s see what the summer brings!


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