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The Function of Pool Filters

A dirty and unfiltered pool is a nuisance and a great health hazard. It’s why pool filters are so necessary for a pool. The function of pool filters is to trap debris and dirt to keep the pool clean.

The filters also need maintenance to work properly for a long time. It’s important to check the filters from time to time to avoid clogging due to sunscreen residue, dead bugs, dirt, and other contaminants. If you’re too busy, our experts can do it for you.

In this post, you will learn all about pool filters and how they work to keep you safe.

Why Do You Need a Pool Filter?

The main reason would be your health. Absorbing contaminated water can cause serious illnesses, skin allergies, etc., in the long run. A filter works 24/7 to clear the pool of all bacteria and germs. It works alongside pool pumps and only operates at a certain pressure. It filters pool water and sends it back to the pool (germ-free).

Which Filter Do You Need?

Every filter is different and is ideal for only a certain kind of pool. If you’re confused about choosing a filter for your pool, here are some that you can check.

Sand Filters

A sparkling swimming pool after pool cleaning

For large pools, sand filters work for the best—hands down!

They don’t clog so easily and have large filtration tanks as well. They are made of silica that traps all contaminants to keep the pool clean. The water goes into the tank, gets filtered, and is reversed back into the pool.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are an inexpensive and energy-efficient option for homeowners. It’s a plastic cylinder surrounded by a pleated polyester filter on all ends. The filter is placed in a tank where the water gets cleaned. If you have a limited budget, then choose this one!

Diatomaceous Earth

This filter is far more expensive and functional than sand and cartridge filters. It captures every small particle in the pool, keeping the water fresh and clean for a long time. The filter has grids powdered with crushed remains of diatoms and silica. It’s an excellent choice if you have a bigger budget or an infinity pool in your house.

At Best Pro Pool, We Keep Your Pool Filters in Check

When it comes to pool, we are the homeowner’s first choice.

We offer several pool maintenance services, including inspecting and cleaning your filters. We also provide pool and pool equipment repair services in Atwater, CA. If your pool is getting dirtier day by day, then the pool filters might be acting up!

Our pool experts are available at any time of the day to inspect your pool’s filters and see if they need repair or replacement. Trust the professional and let us handle all pool-related problems for you.

We help you keep your pool in the best condition, so fix your meeting with us today to discuss your pool more.



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