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The Right Way to Clean Your New Infinity Pool

Having an infinity pool in your house is not the kind of luxury everybody can afford. A pool is where all the fun begins, but it can also go down the vain if you don't clean your pool correctly. Like how you take care of your house, you must maintain your pool to enjoy splashy evenings in summer.

If you're new to learning how to clean your pool, you're in the right place. It takes more cleaning than just removing debris or leaves out of the pool. Weekly pool cleaning can greatly impact the overall cleanliness of the pool, but it's still not enough.

Many people find infinity pool cleaning very exhausting and time-consuming. It's when an expert enters into the picture. For instance, we have professional equipment that not only does the job quickly but also promises a 100% guarantee.

If you are looking for an expert, then Best Pro Pool is one call away from you. We have been in the business for more than a decade and can help you with pool maintenance, pool repairing, swimming pool cleaning, pool equipment repair, and much more.

In this post, you will learn basic tips to clean your infinity pool to keep it safe and secure from debris, dust, and germs.

How to Keep Pool's Chemistry in Check?

Keeping the pool's chemistry in check is extremely important. It prevents different issues such as bacteria buildup, cloudy water, and the formation of algae in the pool. The best way is to test your water weekly with a kit to check the level of chemicals in the pool. You can find several pool testing kits in the market, but it's always best to hire a professional.

An expert can treat the water efficiently if there's an imbalance of chemicals. They will also check the pH of water along with calcium hardness, phosphates, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.

Furthermore, shocking the pool is another essential step that kills all types of organic matter, bacteria, or contaminants by overloading the water with sanitizer. The whole process is extremely necessary for swimming pool maintenance.

Guide 101:Tips to Clean Infinity Pool to Enjoy Summer Splash

In this part, you will find all the necessary tips to clean your infinity pool to host perfect pool parties with your friends and family.

Step #1: Brush or Skim OffAll Debris and Leaves from the Pool

Before the deep cleaning, you must first get rid of the dirt, debris, and leaves on the pool water's surface. It's best to get a good pool net and start skimming off all leaves and debris floating on top of the pool. It will also save the pool filter from clogging.

Step #2: Get a Pool Brush to Clean the Walls and Floor

The pool won't look clean until you clean the walls and floor properly. It's a mechanical cleaning step that protects your pool's walls from algae buildup as well. The more you brush the pool from inside, the better it will be protected from contaminants.

You can buy a pool brush from a trusted store or hire an expert to do the job for you. An infinity pool is usually a big-sized pool, and scrapping off the dirt from its walls and floor can consume many hours. Hire Best Pro Pool for swimming pool maintenance and enjoy a clean pool in the summer.

Step #3: Vacuum the Swimming Pool to Push Debris to the Filter

Pool vacuum cleaners are easily available in the market. Simply connect the pool vac, set the pool valve to waste, and start vacuuming the dirt out of the pool.

This robot pool vac is the perfect option for cleaning the pool without standing by the pool all the time. You can leave it on for the entire night and enjoy a clean pool in the morning.

Step #4: Clean the Pool Filter

Turn on the pool filter for at least 4-5 days, and make sure to clear the filter during this step whenever it's necessary. To know if the filter needs cleaning, you need to keep an eye on the pressure gauge. If it shows a number larger than ten psi, the pool filter needs cleaning.

You can clean the pool filter by using a spray nozzle or a garden hose. Once the gunk is out of the filter, place it again in its place to clean the pool water.

Step #5: Check for Any Leaks in the Swimming Pool

A pool leak invites all foreign objects to pollute the pool water with germs, contaminants, debris, and whatnot. You can check for leaks, but hiring a professional is the right call for this. Call an expert now if you suspect a leak in the pool.

Save Your Pool From Malfunctioning and Call Best Swimming Pool Service Provider Now

Are you looking for outdoor pool maintenance in Atwater? If yes, then Best Pro Pool is one call away from you.

We are experts at swimming pool care, swimming pool maintenance, installing new swimming pool equipment along with pool repairing. You no longer have to compromise on the summer fun and get your infinity pool in the best shape to host the best pool parties of all times.

Maintaining an infinity pool on a regular basis can get a difficult task for you, which is why there are experts for your help. Best Pro Pool also helps clients design and construct swimming pools and backyards.

We are one of the best swimming pool contractors in Atwater who can help you with almost all services related to your pool. It's best to call us for a thorough pool cleaning and inspection before letting yourself or your family get in the pool.

Schedule your meeting with us and hire our experts for the job. We promise excellent services so that you can enjoy your summer evenings in peace!


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