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Understanding your swimming pool and how it works

Understanding your swimming pool and how it works is something that not too many pool owners truly understand. In many cases, there is no reason for a pool owner to know the inner workings and the nitty gritty of pool components and equipment.

When you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor from Best Pro Pool Service. you don’t really need to know everything that goes under the cover of your swimming pool, but it is good to know the basics, especially because when you do that you will be able to notice when something isn’t working the way it should.

Understanding your swimming pool and how it works

Swimming pools have so much going on under the surface that make the entire pool work smoothly and keep the water clean and swimmable. Your pool contractors offer this basic primer on the equipment that keeps the water clear and circulating properly.

  1. The heart of the pool is its filter. This is the component that cleans the water and circulates it back — cleaned — into the pool for swimming. The filter cleans water that circulates through it and removes miniscule bacteria and algae particles.

  2. The pool’s drainage system. The water passes through it before entering the filter and needs to be kept free of debris so the water flows smoothly.

  3. The pool pump helps draw the draws water into the filter so it can get cleaned then it pumps it back out into the pool. The pump is responsible for circulating the water and once it’s pushed through the filter, it comes out cleaner than it went in. Your pool contractor can let you know what the pool pump pressure should be and you will want to check that occasionally between service visits to assure the pressure is where it should be.

  4. A swimming pool requires a mix of different chemicals to keep the water clean and bacteria-free. You will want to test the water chemistry between service visits and understand what it means if the readings are “off.” Your pool contractor will check the chemistry when he pays a service visit and he will add chemicals to keep everything in line. Out-of-balance chemicals can lead to dry, itchy skin or can even damage the pool components; it’s a balancing act.

Ask us to inspect your pool equipment and give you an estimate on its useful life and also to let you know about pool maintenance and upkeep that we can perform on your behalf.


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