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Upgrade your swimming pool with automatic cleaners

Even when you work with a swimming pool service contractor from Best Pro Pool service in Atwater, California you may still need to do a bit of between-visit clean up tasks. If you upgrade your swimming pool with automatic cleaners you can easily vacuum the pool if it gets dirty before the pool contractor arrives.

An upgrade or swimming pool renovation project might include adding more automation to the pool. Automation can include timers, auto pool covers and an automatic cleaner. This is a way for you to cut back on active maintenance time between service visits — after all, if you have free time you want to swim, not clean, right?

If you aren’t diligent in the use of a swimming pool cover, cleaning and vacuuming and skimming debris from the surface of the swimming pool may seem like a never-ending task.

Dirt, debris, tree branches, leaves and even dust you bring in on your feet when you get into the water can lead to dirty water. If you have your dog in the swimming pool with you, his or her fur can also definitely clog up the skimmer basket or leave debris from his fur floating on the water.

You can certainly invest in any number of pool cleaning devices but some of them might involve time and back-bending work.

Upgrade your swimming pool with automatic cleaners

Here are some options when it comes to automatic pool cleaners.

  1. Pressure-fed cleaners. These require the installation of a special pump to operate. They will also involve the installation of an in-floor cleaning system that isn’t usually a low cost. Pressure fed cleaners are typically installed during pool construction or during a major pool remodeling project.

  2. A suction cleaner. This cleaner will require less physical labor from you, but it also doesn’t do a thorough job in scrubbing the bottom of the pool or walls to remove algae or debris.

  3. A robotic pool cleaner – similar to a home-type electronic vacuum. This is truly a “set it and forget it” style. Robotic pool cleaners provide complete pool cleaning including scrubbing and the application of cleaning chemicals.

Talk with us if you want to make pool cleaning, between service visits, a breeze! Let’s discuss the options, your budget and what you hope to accomplish with your pool cleaning system.


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