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What is a natural swimming pool?

Eco- and environmentally-friendly pools are becoming more sought-after in the pool construction space. The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater California work with many of their customers who are seeking ways to use fewer chemicals to clean their pools. What is a natural swimming pool is also a question they get asked and answer regularly.

We give insight and information here on what a natural pool is, some of the benefits and how to go about owning one.

The reason many pool owners want a natural pool is that they don’t want to expose themselves or their families to chemicals just to enjoy the swimming pool. A natural pool is just that — a natural alternative to using chemicals to keep the pool water clean.

What is a natural swimming pool?

Natural pools are those that:

  1. Are chemical-free

  2. Use plants to filter out bacteria

  3. Are environmentally-friendly

How does a natural swimming pool “work”? 

  1. The pool is constructed with a place for swimming and a place where plant life is placed.

  2. The separate area with the plant life is a natural ecosystem where low maintenance plants live that absorb bacteria and harmful microorganisms, filter it then move the water back to the swim space.

  3. The plant life naturally removes bacteria and thrives on the algae it removes.

In order to have a natural swimming pool, you will need to have enough yard space to accommodate both of the water-filled areas. The natural pool area with the plants will also have a filter that operates chemical-free and utilizes the plant life to help keep the water clean.

A natural swimming pool also runs in a more energy-efficient manner because the water turns over at a slower rate. Additionally, you will save money because you’re not investing in pool chemicals (or bringing in your pool contractor who has to use chemicals.) The in-pool skimmers will remove much of the organic debris and bacteria but the pool surfaces will need to be brushed to remove any clinging bacteria or algae spores. To make this task easier you can have your pool contractor install an automatic pool cleaning system or use a pool cleaning “robot.”

Does a natural pool appeal to you and your family? If so, reach out to use and let’s do a site visit and we can discuss the layout and benefits of a natural pool for your family.


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