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What is swimming pool algae?

Germs, bacteria and microscopic organisms and algae are everywhere and when they get into your swimming pool you will want to address them as soon as possible! What is swimming pool algae? It may not be something you think about until you go out to take a swim and the pool is green, black or brown and filled with murky water. The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California can help keep algae from ever taking hold and can help clean it up.

Spores, that can lead to algae growth are everywhere. They are in the wind, on your body, your swimsuit, in the rain and even on your pool equipment if it hasn’t been cleaned well enough. Algae in the swimming pool may not be a health hazard, per se, but it is not something you want to see — or swim in. No one wants to swim in discolored slimy and sometimes smelly water.

What is swimming pool algae?

Algae live in aquatic environments, like your swimming pool. An algae spore thrives through the heat of the sun and the moistness of the water itself. It can grow in the shade, beneath a covered swimming pool or even in a uncovered pool. It does need “food” to survive and those “foods” are dust and leaves and organic debris that are in your swimming pool water. The swimmers who use your pool bring in organic debris every time they use the pool — in other words algae is inevitable.

We have ways to help prevent algae from growing in your pool.

  1. Keep the pool water chemistry in balance.

  2. Make certain the pool’s circulation and filtration system are working properly and that you’re running the pump and filter as long as your pool contractor recommends. (Typically ten to twelve hours a day)

  3. Thorough and regular pool cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep the pool free of debris, organic organisms and potential algae spores.

There are different kinds of algae that can invade your swimming pool. If you notice the pool is looking murky and cloudy you may want to give your pool contractor a call as soon as possible so he can help correct the water chemistry and prevent an algae outbreak.


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