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What is swimming pool alkalinity?

Swimming pool service professionals from Best Pro Pool Service in Modesto, California understand there are a lot of chemicals and chemical knowledge needed to understand the inner workings of your swimming pool and its chemical mix. Keeping the chemicals balanced and in line with safe readings keeps the water safe for swimmers and keeps it bacteria-free. Correct water chemistry also keeps the pool tiles, liner and other pool equipment in working order.

Chemical testing is a crucial aspect of keeping the pool safe.

What is swimming pool alkalinity?

An item that needs to be addressed during the pool chemistry measuring and testing is total alkalinity; this is associated with pH levels and is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in the water. Total alkalinity is a measure of the ability of an alkaline treatment solution to neutralize hydrogen ions.

Alkalinity in the pool water is measured in parts per million (ppm). Total alkalinity comes from carbonates, hydroxides and bicarbonates in the water. The acid-neutralizing capacity of water is desirable because it prevents fluctuations in pH levels. Total alkalinity is a measure of the pool water’s resistance to change in the pH.

Why does this matter?

If the total alkalinity in the water is too low, the pH will change rapidly when chemicals or impurities enter the water. The water pH may drop rapidly and this leads to etching of the tiles and corrosion of the filters and plumbing.

Ask us for information on the total alkalinity in your pool water. Ask what you can do to help keep it in line and if, when you test the water chemistry, what you should do if it is not within the recommended levels. We can offer information on the steps to take to get your waters’ alkalinity back in line to prevent any damage from occurring; if we notice the chemistry levels need balancing, we will do that when we pay a service call.

Remember that if the total alkalinity is too high it is more challenging to adjust levels. If you don’t work with a pool contractor, and notice the levels are high, it may be time to give a call to a pool service contractor and request his assistance in addressing the imbalances. It is a delicate balancing act to get alkalinity back in line – it is always easier to have your swimming pool service professional check and balance the water on a regular basis so it doesn’t need such drastic measures to keep the water clean, healthy and swimmable.

It is recommended that all pool owners purchase a test kit for the water chemical balancing and check the water on a regular basis to keep the chemicals in line. If you do and if you notice a change in the chemistry you may want to call your pool contractor and schedule a service visit.

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