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What makes my pool work?

What makes my pool work? It’s probably not something you typically think about with much regularity, this is especially true if you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor from Best Pro Pool Service. They will clean and maintain and assure your pool is in top working condition and alert you if something need sto be repaired or replaced.

Owning your own swimming pool means you have a built in place for an impromptu swiming pool party and that your home will be the most popular in the neighborhood. When you have your own swimming pool you also don’t have to fight the crowds to get to a public pool or the beach. A swimming pool in your own backyard also makes it seem as though every weekend is a mini-staycation!

To get the most out of your swimming pool, for many pool owners means leaving the “heavy lifting” of pool maintenance to the pros. It is helpful, though if you understand what to do and that you understand the nuances of pool maintenance and what your pool should look, and sound, like.

What makes my pool work?

There is much more to a swimming pool than meets the eye. There are “hidden” pieces of equipment that keep everything clean, clear and circulating properly. Here’s a quick tutorial.

  1. Filter. The pool’s filtering is the “heart” of the pool and a major component in keeping everything in the pool working. The filter cleans water that circulates through it and removes miniscule bacteria particles. The filter clears the water of dirt, debris, leaves, and any other foreign objects that fall into the water.

  2. Drainage. The drainage system, where the water passes before entering the filter, should be kept clean and clear of debris.

  3. Pool Pump. The pump draws water through the filtering system and circulates it back into the pool. The pump circulates the water and once it’s pushed through the filter, it comes out cleaner than it went in.

  4. Pool chemicals. These are a mix of various and unique chemicals designed to keep the water clean and bacteria free. You, or your swimming pool contractor, will check and balance the chemicals adding more when necessary. Out-of-balance chemicals can lead to dry, itchy skin or can even damage the pool components; it’s a balancing act.

The type of pool and the age of its components and equipment dictate many aspects of pool upkeep and maintenance. Talk with your pool contractor to fully understand what the inner workings of your pool are and to determine whether you will clean and maintain the pool on yoru own, or hire a professional to do it for you.


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