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What value does a pool add to your life?

When you’re talking with a swimming pool builder, he will probably tell you that adding a swimming pool to your home — an inground swimming pool — will increase its resale value. The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service also answer the question, “what value does a pool add to your life?” in addition to the potential resale value of your home?

The value of your swimming pool will be measured in the type of pool you have, the accessories you invest in, the parties your friends remember you for in addition to the resale value.

What value does a pool add to your life?

  1.  Family fun and memory building. Instead of you and your family spending the summer months inside the house, in separate rooms of the house watching television or playing video games, you can have family fun night in the swimming pool — every night!

  2. Relaxing. There have been myriad reports on the toll that stress takes on our body, our mind and our overall health. When you have a swimming pool you can swim slow laps, float on a raft and simply relax poolside while the family plays and swims. For many people, simply being around water helps them to relax.

  3. Health benefits. Swimming laps increases your lung capacity and enhances your cardio vascular system. When you swim you not only relieve stress but you’re getting in a workout that won’t put any stress or strain on your bones or joints. If recovering from an injury, swimming might be just what the doctor ordered.

We certainly don’t want to negate the potential resale value adding an inground swimming pool might add to your home. You would want to speak with a real estate agent to see if this is true. If pools are considered the “norm” in your area, then having one just might increases your chances for a home sale.


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