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What you need to know about concrete pools

Yay! This is the year you will become a swimming pool owner! You have many decisions ahead of you not the least of which is deciding what kind of pool building material you will choose. In this post the contractors from Best Pro Pool Service explain what you need to know about concrete pools, which is one of the three pool construction materials available. The other two building materials are fiberglass poolr or vinyl liner pools.

Summer is quickly approaching and you will need to talk with a pool contractor sooner rather than later in order to have a pool constructed so you can enjoy it with your family this year.

What you need to know about concrete pools

Concrete swimming pool aka gunite pool material is one of the most versatile and durable construction materials. It is also the most expensive of teh options available.

What are some of the benefits of choosing concrete for your swimming pool project?

  1. Design flexibility. When you use concrete you can have a swimming pool designed in almost any shape. The sky and your budget are truly the limits. Look through Pinterest, your pool contractor’s look book and decide what style you want. You may have a uniquely shaped yard that you will want to have your pool conform to — rather than the other way around. With concrete this is possible.

  2. In addition to choosing the shape of the pool you will want to choose the color of the gunite, the pool finish the coping and any add-on accessories for the pool project to bring it all together.

  3. A concrete swimming pool project is not a quick process. The hole will need to be excavated, iron rebar will need to be installed and shaped, concrete will be blown in, it will need to cure, the plumbing and electrical will be set and eventually the pool will be filled.

The maintenance of a gunite swimming pool is more intensive than other construction materials; the reason for this is that gunite is not a smooth finish and this means that algae spores or bacteria can easily nestle into the grooves in the material. Your pool contractor will be diligent and will take a longer time to scrub the walls and floor of your gunite pool so maintenance may cost you more than with a different construction material.

There are many reasons to choose gunite. There are also many reasons to not choose gunite for your pool project. If you have done your research and have decided that gunite is the material you want for your project, give us a call and let’s get your project started!


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