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Why Does My Skin Feel Irritated After Swimming in My Pool?

There are more downsides to swimming in natural pools like rivers, lakes, and ponds than artificial ones like swimming pools and hot tubs. While the likelihood of skin irritation is much lower in the latter, it’s possible nonetheless.

Today’s Best Pro Pool blog reveals the cause of skin irritation after a dip in the pool and discusses your next course of action.

Chlorine Sensitivity: The Primary Cause of Skin Irritation

Anyone can be sensitive to chlorine and develop skin irritation as a consequence. Some might experience it due to long-term exposure to the chemical, whereas others might see it after a mere day or two of swimming.

Symptoms of Chlorine-related Skin Irritation

There’s more than itchiness to skin irritation caused by chlorine sensitivity. Here are some other symptoms you may need to watch out for.

- Rashes

- Dryness

- Redness

- Tender to the touch.

- Inflammation

- Scaly skin

- Chemical burns

While chlorine allergies are rare, your skin may still react to the chemical due to short- or long-term exposure. The good news: you don’t have to stop swimming due to this. The bad news: you can’t ignore it and hope it’ll go away.

However, you could take some measures to reduce your chances of skin irritation.

Precautions and Measures to Avoid Recurrent Irritation

Take the following steps to avoid skin irritation in the future.

- Shower Right After

When you jump out of the pool and on the tile, you bring a lot of chlorinated water that could absorb into your skin. Prevent this by jumping out of the pool, on the tile, and straight to a nearby shower. Let the chlorine down the drain to eliminate the smell and prevent irritation and dryness.

- Don’t Forget to Moisturize

A residential or commercial pool contains chemicals and other foreign agents that may dehydrate your skin. Since a moisturizer does the exact opposite, apply some after a swim to regain some of the lost moisture.

- See a Dermatologist Immediately

Skin irritation due to chlorine doesn’t last long, but it could leave some unsightly scars on your skin. If you notice any of the chlorine sensitivity symptoms mentioned above, see a dermatologist to address them immediately. You might be confusing the signs with something else, but it’s better to be sure nonetheless.

- Revisit the Chemical Contents of Your Swimming Pool

From now on, maintain your pool as well as you’re looking after your skin after swimming. If you experienced skin irritation soon after entering the pool, it might be because the chemical ratio wasn’t up to par or compatible with your skin type.

Address this issue by requesting the services of our pool cleaners near Turlock, CA. Check out our pool cleaning services for commercial and residential pools, ranging from wall brushing to balancing the chemical quantities in your swimming pool to periodically examining your old and new swimming pool equipment.

Drop us a line to discuss your cleaning and maintenance issues today.


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